Concealed carry weapon? Why yes, thank you. Hey, I live in Texas so it’s pretty much a birth rite to carry.

My personal CCW is a lightly modified Sig Sauer P938 9mm. I picked it up about five years ago.

Sig Sauer P938

Sig Sauer P938

I was originally interested in the .380 ACP version, the Sig P238. At the time, I had a Glock 22 (.40 S&W), so I was in no hurry to purchase another pistol. Granted, I wasn’t inclined to carry a full size Glock, but I didn’t feel the need to buy a replacement. I actually recommended the P238 for my Mom as her CCW. I was very confident it was the right weapon, and with +P ammo, of sufficient caliber. It is a very light recoiling pistol, the slide is easy to operate, and it has a thumb safety – all necessary attributes for my Mom. My sister now carries the P238 and couldn’t be happier with it. It shoots well and hasn’t had any FTF’s or FTE’s.

About a year later, Sig released the P938 9mm. The bump from .380 ACP to 9mm was just enough to make me pull the proverbial trigger. The P938 reminds me of a 1911 that has been shrunken down to pocket size. Its a scant 16 0z, so it is very light, yet still remains very light recoiling for a 9mm. Mine came with Sig night sights, which are very bright to my eyes. It is single action only, six +1 capacity, very accurate handgun.

I wasn’t a big fan of the stock grips, so I picked up a pair of VZ grips (hyena brown, G10). I felt the grips complimented the stainless slide and black frame nicely. Also, the new grips provided considerably better gripping capability, even when sweaty. I additionally upgraded the trigger to a skeletonized stainless trigger from W Engineering, mainly because I thought the stock plastic trigger was cheap looking. Beyond cosmetics, the new trigger is smoother, there is no noticeable over travel, and it just plain feels better to my finger. Some of that can be attributed to me polishing all the trigger components during installation.

I have put several hundred rounds through this pistol with no FTF’s or FTE’s. It has performed flawlessly on hollow points, +P, FMJ, and cheap steel case ammo. It has been utterly reliable and I can recommend it with good conscience.

Anyone interested in what I consider a great CCW should seriously consider the Sig Sauer P938.

Sig Sauer P938
VZ Grips
W Engineering Trigger